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Located in the East South Central region of the United States, Alabama is the 23rd largest state in terms of total population yet the 30th largest in terms of total area; this makes Alabama’s population density rank just 27th in the U.S. With a population of over 4.8 million there are several pockets of Alabama that are popular with car transport carriers, but there are also many rural areas that can be hard to ship to or from. The state was admitted to the U.S. in 1819 though population growth has been slower in Alabama over the past two hundred years than many other states, as indicated by its lower population.

Alabama Auto Transport by Cruise ControlBecause of its size, Alabama has just five main interstates running through it. I-65 services much of the middle of the state, running north-south, while I-59/I-20 are one and the same until they enter Birmingham, where they split; I-59 continues northeast while I-20 heads into Atlanta. I-85 is another north-south interstate which services much of Montgomery and the northeastern portions of Alabama, while I-10, an east-west interstate, runs through Mobile and services the southern parts of the state. Car shippers have an easier time running routes through Alabama than other areas, mainly because there are long stretches of interstate highway that connect most major metropolitan areas in the state.

During the summer months, average highs typically hover in the low 90’s during the day with overnight lows dropping into the upper 60’s. Winter transportation is much easier in Alabama than other states, however, due to its proximity to the Gulf of Mexico, its large number of interstates and its relatively few snowy days. Alabama is a primary stop on east-west routes during the winter months because many carriers will run more southern routes to escape the snow and other bad weather of the more northern states. Oftentimes you can find great deals on auto transportation down to the southern states from New England or other northern states, as many carriers trying and get down to the south in time for the beginning of the winter season.

Alabama, for a long time, was based primarily on agriculture and little else. It stayed this way until the outbreak of the Second World War, when Alabama became a major center for munitions factories, airplane and naval vessel construction, and research facilities to help fuel the war effort. With the end of World War II in 1945, Alabama revamped many of the factories that had once built planes and bombs and turned them into civilian factories. Today, Alabama’s economy is still diversifying, though it has done a great job of it so far; sectors such as aerospace development and research, health care, banking, finance, automobile manufacturing, mining and ore processing and steel production are all major players in the state’s economy.

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