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Alaska is the largest state in the U.S. in terms of total population; however, it ranks 47th in the U.S. in total population (with a total population of just over 731,000 residents). This large area coupled with such a small population ranks it 50th in the U.S. in population density. Purchased from Russia in 1867 for $7.2 million, the acquisition of Alaska was known for quite some time as Seward’s Folly. Alaska today is more difficult to ship to because there are no carriers that will travel into Alaska via Canada; therefore, customers shipping their vehicles to Alaska must have them transported to the port in Seattle or Tacoma and then via overseas auto transport to Alaska.

The oil and gas industries dominate Alaska’s economy, with more than 80% of the state’s revenue coming from petroleum extraction and refinement. Retail, of course, plays a relatively large role in many of the larger cities in the state, including Juneau and Anchorage. Agriculture plays a small but important role as well – most agricultural cultivation is consumed in-state, with some exporting of seafood, primarily salmon and cod. Most of the state’s employment is in the government and natural resource extraction sectors. Anchorage is the largest port in the state and sees most of the transportation traffic to and from Alaska; it is also the cheapest port to ship to most of the time, if you are transporting your vehicle to Alaska.

Auto transport within the state of Alaska is next-to-impossible to find because Alaska has the least road connections in the country. Its relatively few roads – and no interstate highways whatsoever – limit where auto transporters can go. Smaller state highways are used by more local shippers, but you will probably be hard-pressed to find a carrier that will travel through Canada and into Alaska, which would be the only method of overland transport available to the state. Shipping within Alaska would best be done with either a towing company or a local hauler, though there are few enough of those as-is.

Alaska’s weather is rather chilly and snowy, all things considered. The southeast portion of the state sees the least amount of snow, with accumulation levels getting higher the further north you go (predictably). Transport to or from Alaska is primarily done through Anchorage because it sees perhaps the least amount of snow during the year. Typically, though, the weather in Alaska does not have much bearing on how much your shipping cost will be, unless there are storms over the ocean. It may affect transport inside the state of Alaska but you will have to contact a local shipper inside the state for any additional services (our services end in Anchorage if you are going to, and begin in Anchorage if you are shipping from).

 If you’re in need of a good auto transport company to ship your vehicle to or from the great state of Alaska, you’ve come to the right page. You can fill out our free online auto transport quote request form and receive a free quote in your e-mail that was calculated with precision and care by one of our experienced staff members, or you can take the initiative and give us a call directly at our toll-free number. You can call up any time during normal business hours and speak to one of our live agents, who can help calculate your quote for you as well as answer any questions you may have. So call us or e-mail and we’ll do what we can for you – it’s what we do here at Cruise Control Auto Transport.

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