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Auto Transport Colorado by Cruise ControlColorado is a state located in the Mountain West region of the United States. As of 2013 the city’s population stands at over 5.1 million, making it the 22nd largest state in the country in terms of total population. However, it is also the 8th largest state in terms of total area, which makes it rank 37th overall in terms of population density. It was founded in 1876 after then-President Ulysses S. Grant issued an executive order that basically created the state. It is also because of this that it is known as the Centennial State; 1876 was 100 years after the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

Colorado’s population and economy grew on the back of the mining industry in the late 19th century; by the turn of the 20th, livestock and agriculture were also becoming major factors in the state’s economy, complementing mining and allowing the state to flourish. It was during this time that companies like Russell Stovers and Coors began to crop up, and though the economy of the state has shifted over the course of the 20th century and into the 21st, it has merely meant that the state’s economy has diversified. Mining and agriculture have taken a backseat to technology, government, military-industrial sectors, and – like everywhere else – retail, which currently dominates the state’s economy.

Colorado has two main interstate highways that auto transport carriers will primarily travel on. Running through Denver, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins and Pueblo, among other, smaller towns, is I-25, the primary north-south interstate in Colorado. In terms of east-west transportation, I-70 fills that role, traveling through Denver and other smaller cities en route to Grand Junction and then out of state. Other state roads invariably cross through the state but auto transporters tend to want to stick to major interstates. Typically you will find that transporting to or from major cities such as Denver or Colorado Springs will save you a bit of money because transporters don’t have to drive as far for pickup or delivery. Many will travel to smaller cities, though they will typically charge a bit more to go to more remote areas.

Temperatures are quite varied throughout the state, mainly due to its unique geographic makeup. Much of the state is covered in what are known as high plains, while the northwestern corner primarily is a mix of plains, mountains and even some desert thrown in there for good measure. Due to this diverse landscape some areas are harder for auto transport trucks to get to than others, especially during the winter months. Denver, though the most populous city in the state, can be a pain for shippers to get to and from because of its elevation (quite literally a mile above sea level) and its snowy disposition. This is why prices to, from or through many areas in Colorado tend to go up during the winter months, as auto transport carriers do not travel through snow easily.

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