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Auto Transport KansasKansas, despite being the 15th largest state in the U.S. in terms of total area, ranks 33rd in terms of total population with a count of just under 2.9 million, which makes the state rank 40th in terms of population density. This lack of population density makes it harder for auto transporters to find customers as they are transporting in or out of the state. Kansas was organized into a territory in 1854 and opened up for settlement that same year; after much fighting over the issue of slavery at the time, Kansas did not start seeing major growth until the end of the American Civil War, though it grew quickly thanks to the availability of farmland in the state.

One of the biggest problems with transportation of vehicles into or out of Kansas is the lack of major interstate highways. There are really only two that auto transport carriers will travel on – I-70 is the major east-west interstate and connects Kansas City, Topeka and Lawrence, some of the major population centers in Kansas. I-35 is the only other major interstate that traverses the state, running north-south through Kansas City, El Dorado and Wichita. Kansas City is by far the easiest city in the state to ship from or to, though this depends primarily on the time of year in which you are shipping.

During the summer months Kansas experiences high temperatures during the day, typically reaching into the upper 80’s or low 90’s, with overnight lows often dropping down into mid-to-upper 60’s. This is the best time of year to ship to or from areas of Kansas due to the fact that shippers travel better through warmer weather, as there is little threat of snow or other factors that can delay their routes or harm their trucks and increase their maintenance costs. During the winter months, however, snow is much more common in Kansas, with high temperatures typically reaching into the low-to-mid 30’s during the depths of the winter months and lows dropping into the high teens or low 20’s. Winter shipping is typically more expensive and harder to find, though it is not impossible.

Oil production and refining, natural gas production and agriculture are all cornerstones of the state of Kansas’ economy. The state ranks 8th for both oil and natural gas production of all 50 states and is widely considered to be part of the U.S. “breadbasket,” with such agricultural outputs as grain, corn, soybeans and cotton. Industry plays a large role in the state’s economy as well; industrial sectors in the state include food processing, transportation and logistics, transportation equipment production, publishing, machining, and mining, especially salt.

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