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Auto Transport in Michigan by Cruise ControlMichigan has a population eclipsing 10 million total residents, which right now makes it the ninth largest state in the U.S. in terms of total population and it also ranks 11th largest in terms of total area. Lansing is the state capital but it is not the largest city; that distinction actually belongs to Detroit, which has long been considered the main city in Detroit in terms of economic function and size. The state itself was first explored during the early 1700’s, though it wouldn’t be until the end of the American Revolution and, really, the purchase of the Louisiana Territory when the area would become more explored and growing into what it is today.

Historically the state’s economy was driven by lumber and mining, at least until the end of the 19th century; after the invention of the automobile and, more specifically, Henry Ford’s invention of the assembly line, Michigan grew into a very popular automotive location – at one point, Chrysler, General Motors, AMC and Ford were all headquartered in the state. Detroit is perhaps best known for its marriage to the automotive industry, and the city – and, as such, the entire state – fell into a deep depression after much of the automotive manufacturing jobs left starting in the mid 1970’s. However, despite the economic downturn Michigan is still the largest exporter of automobiles in the U.S., though other economic sectors include transportation, finance, technology, pharmaceuticals, insurance and manufacturing.

Because of Michigan’s heavy involvement with the automobile industry, the auto transport industry saw a huge rise in terms of how popular Detroit and nearby cities were in terms of auto transportation. For a while it was quite common to see Ford, GM or Chrysler auto transport trucks tooling down the various highways, but after the 1980’s came to a close those were less and less common. Today, though, many auto shippers run routes to and from the state and utilize several major interstates to do so. I-75, which runs through Flint, Detroit and Saginaw, was perhaps the most popular; I-69 also runs north-south, and actually runs into Canada. I-94 is the primary east-west corridor for many auto shippers running routes through Michigan.

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