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Auto Transport in Mississippi by Cruise ControlMississippi ranks 32nd in the U.S., among all 50 states, in terms of total area, as well as 31st in terms of total population and 32nd in terms of population density, though despite its relative lack of population density its location makes it a rather popular auto transport location. Mississippi was added to the Union in 1817, though it was organized into a territory in 1798. Mississippi’s economy was long-based on slavery and the growth of cotton and other cash crops. It was, somewhat ironically, one of the more liberal slave states – it outlawed cruel and unusual punishment of slaves in 1822. It seceded from the U.S. in 1861 and joined the short-lived Confederacy, and after the war the state was mired in depression until the end of World War II and the subsequent economic expansion of the post-war era.

Mississippi, despite being relatively rural on the whole, has several major interstates that run through it, making it more popular an auto transport location than other states with low population densities. I-10, I-20 and I-22 all run east-west through the state, serving much of the Gulf Coast and customers looking to move from one Gulf state to another – or even cross-country. Many auto transporters run routes along these interstates in the winter months, as the weather in the southern states is more hospitable to logistics than northern states. Main north-south interstates include I-55 and I-59.

Temperatures during the summer months get high, usually in the low-to-mid 90’s, and humidity levels are usually high, making for hot, wet summers. The winter months see higher temperatures than other areas of the state, thanks to its location near the Gulf of Mexico, and this makes it easier to find auto transporters during the winter months who are willing to run routes to, from and through the state. Hurricanes are common during the late summer and into the fall months, which can make it difficult to find auto transportation to or from the state during the fall, though carriers are usually willing to continue traveling through the state if there are no major tropical storms or hurricanes on the way.

One of the largest problems that Mississippi faced after the Civil War was rebuilding its economy to account for the loss of slavery. Mississippi was one of the wealthiest states in the Union before the Civil War due to its high amount of cotton cultivation, and after the end of slavery the state became mired in poverty, only recently emerging from the shadows of its past. Among its more prominent economic sectors are cotton cultivation, insurance and banking, healthcare to an extent, and government sectors.

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