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New Mexico Auto Transport by Cruise ControlLocated in the vast southwestern desert of the U.S., New Mexico is the fifth-largest state in terms of total area yet only has a population of 2 million residents, ranking it 36th in the U.S. in total population and 45th in terms of population density. It was formed in 1850 out of the state of Texas, though it would not be for another sixty years – amidst arguments and fighting with Texas about land rights – that the state would eventually gain statehood. New Mexico is smack in the middle of several east-west routes traversing the southwestern U.S., though it is not an incredibly popular location for auto transport considering the relatively few interstates and harsh climate inherent to the state.

There are three main interstate highways that traverse through New Mexico; I-10 is perhaps the largest and most heavily traveled interstate in terms of auto transport through New Mexico. I-10 runs through the southern part of the state before linking up with I-25, the primary north-south interstate which runs from Albuquerque up through Santa Fe and out through the northern border. I-25 also connects with I-40, the main east-west interstate that services much of the northern areas of New Mexico. There are few interstates but many state roads that service much of the more rural areas of New Mexico; these are typically more expensive to travel on for auto shippers, though, and many will try to avoid shipping to rural areas in New Mexico due to the relatively few people (which means a relative lack of customers in the area, more time between pickup and delivery, and more fuel spent between paychecks).

As New Mexico is located square in the middle of the American Southwest, a vast desert, much of the state has a desert climate characterized by hot days and cool nights. During the summer months temperatures often exceed 100 degrees at many lower-elevation cities, with higher elevations only seeing slightly lower temperatures. However, overnight lows often drop down into the low-to-mid 70’s, which makes it much easier for carriers running summer routes through the state to drive at night as their trucks are not subjected to such harsh temperatures. Snow is common in the higher elevations during the winter months, but most of the time there is little to no snowfall in the populated areas. This can make it cheaper to transport vehicles across the state during the winter months, though the smaller customer base may offset those price drops.

Since the turn of the 21st century the state of New Mexico has been very business-friendly. For a long time the economy of the state was based on livestock and agriculture, with a huge stake in oil production and refinement. Aside from those, however, the federal government has a huge stake in the state’s economy thanks to the various military installations and federal buildings located in the state. It helps that New Mexico provides a lot of incentives and tax breaks for corporations and businesses that setup shop in the state; retail is quickly becoming one of the largest economic sectors in the state, as well as tourism and film production, which is subsidized by the state government.

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