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Auto Transport North DakotaNorth Dakota is the 19th largest state in the United States of America in terms of total area, though it ranks 47th in terms of population density and 48th in the U.S. in terms of total population – it is sparsely populated, known more for its sprawling areas of nothing as opposed to its major cities. It was founded in 1889 and was the 39th state admitted to the Union. Because of its lack of population centers, few interstate highways and its location in the extreme northern reaches of the U.S., auto shippers have a hard time getting into or out of the state of North Dakota, which often has negative consequences when it comes to your total auto transport price.

There are only two interstates that run through the state. I-29, near the eastern edge of North Dakota, services Fargo and runs up to the Canadian border; this is typically where many shippers will deliver cars that customers are planning to drive across the border into Canada. I-94 runs east-west through the center of the state and connects Minnesota with Montana. I-94 and I-29 meet briefly in Fargo. Because of the lack of interstate highways auto shippers don’t like traveling through North Dakota because there is little way to get back to the major routes while also picking up and delivering cars for customers along the way.

Though temperatures during the summer months are fairly warm, with little rainfall during the dog days of summer, winter transportation is where things can get difficult for carriers moving into and out of the state (and which can cause price hikes for their customers). Snowfall is common throughout much of the state during the winter, with higher elevations seeing continual snow accumulation throughout the season. It is for this reason why carriers don’t like traveling to, from or through the state during the winter and why many will choose to eschew routes through North Dakota (particularly routes based around or including I-94) for more warmer climes; snow can cause major problems for auto transport trucks and can create dangerous conditions for auto transport carriers, who have not just their truck and their safety to worry about but their customers’ vehicles as well.

Agriculture is by far the largest sector of North Dakota’s economy, and despite its size and low economic priority it has the lowest unemployment rate in the country at just 3.7%, despite less than 10% of the state being employed within its largest economic sector. Other portions of North Dakota’s economy include food processing, manufacturing, petroleum production and mining. Microsoft’s second-largest campus is located in North Dakota, and Amazon has a facility that also employs hundreds of people.

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