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Auto Transport OklahomaOklahoma is the 20th largest state in the U.S., the 28th largest in terms of total population and it ranks 35th in terms of population density. Opened for settlement by American citizens in 1889 the state grew quickly in terms of population. It achieved statehood in 1907 and today has one of the fastest-growing economies in the entire United States. Oklahoma City is the largest city in the state as well as the state capital. Because of the way that Oklahoma was settled there is a large mix of people from many different cultures, with major influences coming from the Germans, Swedish, Irish, Scottish and Native Americans who settled in the area after it was first opened up to settlers in the late 19th century.

Oklahoma City is by far the most popular auto transport destination in the state. Not only is it the largest metropolitan area in all of Oklahoma but every major interstate runs through Oklahoma City, which naturally takes auto shippers running on those interstates right through the heart of the state. I-40 is the main east-west interstate highway running through Oklahoma, with I-44 running northeast-southwest and passing through the state capital. I-35 is the main north-south interstate, bisecting Oklahoma right down the middle. Though these can be relatively popular auto transport routes, more often than not auto shippers will run on I-40 more than anything else. I-35 may have stretches of interstate that are highly traveled by auto shippers, but not many are near Oklahoma due to the state’s population density.

Oklahoma sits in a unique geographical region that can create some crazy weather. Tornadoes are especially common, with some of the highest rates of tornado touchdowns in the world. Thunderstorms are also common due to the land that surrounds the state. Temperatures during the summer months average in the high 90’s, though temperatures in triple digits are not uncommon in most areas. Snowfall during the winter months is sparse in the eastern regions, but can see significant accumulation along the border with Colorado. Shipping through Oklahoma can be more expensive if you’re going to Colorado by way of Oklahoma, but on the whole prices won’t be too affected by the inclement weather of the state.

Oklahoma’s economic landscape was one dominated by the oil and natural gas industries, though in recent years – and in addition to economic diversification – it has taken a swift downturn, especially since the 1980’s. Oklahoma, however, is still an important producer of foodstuffs, oil and natural gas, and food. It is also a major producer of wheat, a staple of human dietary needs. Major economic sectors today include aviation, energy, transportation and logistics, agriculture and farming, food processing, electronics, and communications.

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