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Auto Transport in Oregon by Cruise ControlOregon is the ninth largest state in the U.S. in terms of total area, though because it ranks 27th in the U.S. in total population it actually ranks 37th in total population density, with many parts of central and eastern Oregon largely uninhabited due to rather inhospitable conditions. It was carved out of the larger Oregon Territory in 1848 and became a U.S. state in 1859. Oregon is unique for its varied geography, starting on the west coast with a very coastal atmosphere, moving inland to more of a valley and then as you travel further east you cross the Cascade Mountains and eventually end up in eastern Oregon, home to a vast semi-arid desert, though there are still plenty of trees east of the Cascades.

Oregon’s economy is rather diversified for its size and diversity, with major industries including retail, manufacturing (including technology and textiles), tourism, forest and fisheries, and agriculture. Major crops coming out of Oregon including wheat and hazelnuts. Major corporations headquartered in the state include Nike and Adidas, two of the largest sports brands in the world. Oregon’s economy has long been based on agriculture, fisheries and seafood, and logging, though in recent years it has turned into more of a retail-oriented economy as the economic culture of the United States has shifted from production to distribution.

There are only a few major interstate highways that auto transport carriers will typically travel on if they are travelling into, out of or through the state of Oregon. I-84 runs through the top part of the state, entering from Idaho and extending west to its terminus in Portland. The only major north-south route through Oregon is Interstate 5, which starts clear down in San Diego and runs through the entire state of Oregon, including Portland (the largest city), and into Washington State before terminating in Bellingham, Washington. Auto transport to or from Portland and several other major cities that are nearby is typically cheaper and easier than shipping to or from more rural areas. Oregon relies more heavily on state routes than other states, though many auto transporters don’t like traveling on state routes due to their closed-off nature and lack of new customers, though most will if you pay an increased price for their services.

Oregon is heavily influenced by the Pacific Ocean. During the summer months the western portion is prone to relatively warm weather, with highs often reaching into the low-to-mid 80’s and overnight lows dropping into the mid-to-upper 60’s. Snow is relatively uncommon in much of the western portion though it is not unheard of; prices may fluctuate based on major weather systems that are affecting transportation in the state, but other than that it should be relatively clear sailing. Eastern Oregon, ironically, tends to see more snow in the winter than the western half, though rain fall during the spring and summer months is much lower than that of Western Oregon.

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