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The fastest auto transport method out there is probably going to be an open auto transport carrier, mainly because the term “fast” in the car shipping industry is pretty relative. Fastest auto transport services don’t necessarily entail getting your vehicle from pickup to drop off in a day; it means getting your vehicle picked up a day or two after you book your shipment with your transportation company. And there’s a big difference between the two: one carriers can somewhat control, and the other they just can’t.

The one that they can is the time between booking and pickup. If you’re looking to get your vehicle picked up tomorrow and you haven’t book with a shipping company yet, you’re probably going to be looking for expedited auto shipping services. Expedited transportation is much more expensive than standard shipping because, like overnighting a FedEx package, it takes a lot more effort and work to make sure that a carrier can get your vehicle picked up next-day, whereas standard shipping will normally take anywhere from one to ten days to get your vehicle picked up. But if you’re looking for the fastest auto transport service you can find, expedited transport is probably your best bet.

Now, this won’t get your car from Seattle to Miami any faster; it just means that it’ll get it onto a carrier faster. Auto transport carriers are considered property-carrying commercial motor vehicles and as such are governed and regulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, and there are very strict laws regarding how far they can travel, how fast they can travel, etc. Commercial drivers can only drive for a maximum of fourteen hours per day, and they must take a full ten hours off from driving before hitting the road again. They must also comply with all speed limits and could lose their licenses for repeatedly speeding.

When you’re looking for fastest auto transport services, make sure that you understand that we’re dealing with the pickup window, which is, again, anywhere from one to ten days from your date of booking. Expedited services will help you get your vehicle picked up usually within 24 to 48 hours (72 hours at the maximum, typically), but it will cost a pretty penny more. Make sure that your budget can handle expedited shipping before you try for it, and remember, it isn’t always guaranteed. But it’s the best that shipping companies can do with the laws how they are.

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