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Our Mission

Customers want value and to be valued.

Cruise Control Auto Transport understands that there are daily demands placed on your business and they can consume your valuable time. Just as you are committed to your busy schedule, we are committed to providing a service that is reliable, priced competitively, and has the ability to offer paramount support to meet your expectations. We proudly make available our vehicle delivery service ensuring our clients gain new efficiencies and experience reduced costs.

Cruise Control is designed to focus on the customers’ everyday challenges and deliver a rapid solution to your changing needs with door to door shipping, online resources, and licensed, bonded and insured brokers and carriers experienced to make this process more efficient.

Business relationships grow when people like who they do business with. Cruise Control understands the industry’s needs and can adapt to the way you like to do business to ensure your success. We strive to offer the best service in the industry to protect ourselves as the most important asset to our customers.


What Others are Saying

We have been awarded “Perfect for Customer Service” by Automobile Shipping Quotes. Please check our review and find out more information HERE:

Customers want to be valued.


Our customers have rewarded us with the best ratings and reviews of any auto shipper out there.

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