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With literally thousands of different auto transport companies out there, there are many different ways that you can pay for the transportation of your vehicle. Auto transport payment methods come in several different varieties, and each company has their own specific auto transport payment methods that might differ from others. In this article we’ll discuss some of the more common payment methods that shippers use, though you can always ask your own shipper which type of payment methods they offer as well.

The most common auto transport payment method is cash-on-delivery, or COD. COD payments are made with cash, a cashier’s check or money order and are always payable to the driver upon delivery. Auto transport carriers need to have plenty of cash-on-hand to operate their trucks; since most trucks operate nationwide, chances are there’s not going to be a bank nearby for them to cash their checks at. So they don’t take them, instead operating on a cash-basis (or like-cash basis) so they can keep their trucks fueled and operating at peak efficiency.

Another method is cash-on-pickup, or COP. Cash-on-pickup auto transport payment methods are not nearly as common because it’s been established that customers don’t want to pay for services before they actually receive them. You don’t pay the plumber until after the job’s finished, do you? It’s the same thing. COP can be done, but it’s very rare and carriers don’t even like doing it often because it screws with their whole system.

Of course, that’s paying the carrier – if you book your shipment through a broker, like Cruise Control Auto Transport, you’re going to have to pay the deposit to the broker before your vehicle is shipped. Different brokers will have different payment methods, but most brokerages will take payment via credit/debit card or check by phone.

Many brokerages will work with you if you’re unable to make payment via these methods; some alternatives include Western Union/Moneygram, so long as you make sure that you keep all pertinent information, as well as sending cash via snail mail. Really, it all depends – your best bet would be to call in and ask your brokerage what type of auto transport payment methods they have available to you.

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