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State-by-State Auto TransportThe United States of America has over 300 million people residing within its borders, borders that span 3.7 million square miles of land. The United States is a diverse landscape and a melting pot of different people from different backgrounds, and we’re all connected, from coast-to-coast, by the Interstate Highway System. Auto transport carriers utilize this system of interconnected highways and expressways to transport cars from one state to another – but because the land is so varied, so diverse and so vastly different from one region to the next, different areas have different factors that can impact auto transport prices in or out of that specific area.

With 50 different states and hundreds of different cities, knowing what to expect when shipping from one U.S. state to another can give you a leg-up on finding the best auto transport company for your specific needs. You can peruse information about all the different states in order to understand a bit more about where you’re shipping from, to, and how that can impact your auto transport quotes. The list is organized by region; the regions come from the U.S. Census Bureau and they are the federal designations for each region.

Auto Transport State-by-State (Organized by Region)

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